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WI Bee Identification Guide

Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, Leeafcutter Bees, Small Carpenter Bees, Sweat Bees and the list goes on… download this pdf to see pictures and descriptions – WI BEE IDENTIFICATION GUIDE

De-Icing Salts and Landscapes Don’t Mix

By Diana Alfuth, Horticulture Educator UW-Extension With winter cold comes icy and slippery walkways and driveways. While we need to clear surfaces of ice for safety’s sake, we also need to be aware of the negative impacts deicing materials can have. The most common de-icing product is sodium chloride—ordinary table salt or rock salt. Salt […]

Grow Fresh, Nutritious Microgreens Indoors all Winter. Here’s How.

Microgreens are baby plants, that are highly nutritious and tasty, not to mention pretty! Check out this PDF on Microgreens for examples of what you can grow as well as how!   For more information and resources, check out the Western Wisconsin Horticulture website!

If you have any questions regarding Horticulture in Pierce County, please contact:

Diana Alfuth
Pierce County – UW Extension
Courthouse Annex
432 West Main Street; PO Box 69
Ellsworth, WI 54011-0069
Phone: 715-273-6781 Ext 6655
Fax: 715-273-6859
Email: diana.alfuth@wisc.edu

The Western Wisconsin  Horticulture web site serves all of western Wisconsin, but focuses on Pierce, Polk & St. Croix Counties. The Horticulture Educator for UW-Extension in Pierce, Polk & St. Croix Counties provides University research-based hortuculture education for individuals and businesses. We administer the Master Gardener program, assist growers and horticulture-related businesses, conduct horticulture classes, and respond to numerous inquiries from residents and businesses about plant identification, diseases, insects, and growing instructions.

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