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” 4-H Youth Development volunteers are valued partners in working with youth! Volunteers help make 4-H possible. Wisconsin’s youth need your help “to make the best better.” “

Spring 2021 UPDATED Program Guidance – Events Restrictions/Guides during Covid-19 – STARTING APRIL 1st – JUNE 1st – New guidance maximum of 50 people allowed to meet indoors (or 30% of room capacity) 150 outdoors – Pod Size increasing to 20….Max length of indoor events increase to 4 hours… Click here for more info and a check list and program reporting sheets. MUST continue to use face covering, no eating indoors, distance, hand sanitize-washing requirements still in place…. When there is more restrictive local guidance we must follow that rather than our guidance – click here for more – and then click on FAQ on that page. – 4-H new updated April 1st 2021 guidance for meeting

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Miscellaneous Resources

4-H Welcome Guides

What is 4-H? brochure (2 pages, 85 KB .pdf)

Welcome to the Family! WI 4-H

Volunteer Resources

WI 4-H Volunteer Site and resources

Become a Volunteer!

There are many exciting ways you can be part of 4-H and the University of Wisconsin.  Local 4-H clubs and 4-H special emphasis groups need you and the county 4-H program offers other leadership opportunities for you. Download the Count Yourself in 4-H Brochure for some of the many ways you can “count yourself in 4-H.”

4-H Project Leader Resources

Are your project meetings really making a difference for the 4-H members? Have you ever wondered how to put more punch into the project meeting? Do you know where to go for resources for the project meetings? Check out the resources at the NEW 4-H Project Leader Resources

WI 4-H Project Website: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/wi4hprojects/

Select a project and you’ll usually find:

  • descriptions of project curriculum
  • 4-H events and activities that support the project
  • county fair exhibiting ideas and suggestions
  • Internet links to related sites
  • sources of more information.  

4-H Club Officer and Youth Leader Training Resources

Club Officers are a special leadership opportunity. The State 4-H Volunteer Website has publications on the club roles such as President, Vice President, Secretary, etc. You can download the materials from Iowa State University Extension using the links provided on the site: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/wi4hvolunteers/clubs-and-groups/4-h-club-and-groupcommittee-management/4-h-club-officer-and-youth-leader-training-resources/  

National 4-H Volunteer Resources from 4-h.org

  • Communications The Communications competency is focused on the ability to create, deliver and interpret information effectively through formal and non-formal means.
  • Organization The Organization competency is rooted in the ability to engage others in planning, providing and delivering positive 4-H youth development programming in a community.
  • 4-H Program Management The 4-H Program Management competency ensures that volunteers understand and follow appropriate policies, procedures and safety guidelines, when acting on behalf of Extension.
  • Educational Design & Delivery The Educational Design & Delivery competency prepares volunteers to plan, implement and evaluate research based learning opportunities that effectively promote positive personal development.
  • Positive Youth Development The Positive Youth Development competency equips volunteers to intentionally and appropriately apply the principles and best practices that result in the positive development of youth.
  • Interpersonal Characteristics The Interpersonal Characteristics competency fosters the ability to develop effective relationships, work competently with individuals and groups and express empathy and understanding for others. 

4-H Livestock Record App Now Available on iTunes!

Do you agonize over 4-H record keeping? Now you can organize your market livestock project information on your iPhone or iPad and send customized reports right to your email inbox.

• Track your 4-H’ers and their individual livestock project animals
• Track participation in events, meetings, shows, contests and more
• Record animal weights, feed, and health and monitor average daily gains
• Enter project income, expenses, and assets to generate financial statements
• Use photos to customize each 4-H’er and animal
• Export reports to analyze in spreadsheets, create graphs, or use in your state or local 4-H record keeping forms
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Tractor Supply Company, National 4-H Council brings you this easy, flexible way to keep all your 4-H market livestock records all together in one place.

So stop writing animal weights on feed sacks and trying to re-create records from calendars, checkbooks and faded receipts. There’s a better way!

For more information about 4-H please visit the 4-H website.

App available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/4-h-livestock-record/id898568078?mt=8