Getting Started in Pierce County 4-H

Welcome to the Wisconsin 4-H Family!

Pierce County 4-H Brochure

Steps to Becoming a Pierce County 4-H Member:

Step 1: Pick a Club

Before choosing, feel free to contact club leaders, parents or youth members of the club. Club leaders are a great place to start to learn about the club’s focuses and demographics.

For information on where the clubs meet, utilize the file below:

Step 2: Picking Projects

WI 4-H Project Website:

Learn about many different 4-H Projects through the link above. Just as with picking a club, don’t stress too much. Projects can be added or dropped until March 1st. However, please note that to be eligible to be enrolled in some projects, youth must be enrolled by November 1st or March 1st for eligibility.

The deadline for the following projects is November 1st. You may NOT add Dairy, Beef, Swine, Goats or Sheep. 

The deadline for the following projects is March 1. Dog, Horse, Exotic Animals(Llamas), Rabbits, Poultry & any Shooting Sports Discipline (Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, Air Pistol, Smallbore Pistol, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, and Archery) After that date, you may not add those 12 projects and the previous 5 projects that had a deadline of November 1st. Due to the mandatory workshops, and/or meetings will have already been held and completed.

You may add other projects to your 4-H online account up until March 15th.

Once you have taken note of the projects you would like to participate in, head over to 4-H Online and enroll.

Step 3: 4-H Online Enrollment

You are ready to register when you have chosen a club and projects. Click the 4-H Online link and create an account by hitting the “Don’t have an account?” button. Please only create an account if your family has never been in 4-H. If your family has been enrolled in 4-H in a different county or state please call the Extension office at 715-273-6781.

For help and guidance through this, feel free to use this guide:

New and returning 4-H members can use this page to help guide them as well: Pierce County 4-H Online Enrollment Help

Enrolling on 4-H Online may be confusing, but we are here to help. Call the Pierce County Extension Office at (715) 273-6781 if you have any questions.

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