4H Online Enrollment

ENROLLING FOR 2020-2021 4-H Year  is now closed. Youth wanting to join for this 20-21 year can sign up as associate members. Call the Office to find out how to find a club  and how to enroll as an associate member!

CLICK HERE to Enroll or RE-Enroll in the 4-H for 2020-2021 (NOTE – Enrollment is closed. Deadline has passed to enroll for this year but you can become an associate member, call the office to find out more!)

If you are a current or past member DO NOT create a new account. Find your account using your login (family email) and password (click the I forgot my password if you forgot it) and RE-ENROLL!!!!! ONLY NEW MEMBERS should create a new account. Call the office if you have questions. 715-273-6781

NEW MEMBERS – please call the office 715-273-6781 so we can get you set up with a club before you create a new account. You will need a club to enter in the enrollment.

Please see these documents for help enrolling in 4-H –


Setting up your family/member accounts and enrolling in projects

4-H Enrollment occurs each fall, starting mid-September and goes through October. Returning Families will login into the 4hOnline.com account to update their Member information and select new projects and/or delete projects they are no longer taking and add any new 4-Hers to the family account. New Families will create an account  and add their new 4-Hers, select their club and projects. 4-H Enrollment MUST be completed each fall for all returning and new members.

How to Enroll Quick Guide: A 4-step guide to signing up in 4hOnline for both New and Returning Members. (PDF – when printing, make sure to select “Fit to page” in Chrome or “Fit” under Page Scaling in Explorer).

Forgot your username and/or password? STOP! Do not create a new account! 

  • Username help: this was the email you used last year to login (might be the email we send notifications to), if you don’t remember, call the Extension Office (715-273-6781 and we can retrieve it for you).
  • Password help: hint, this was a minimum of 8 characters, with at least 1 number and 1 capitol or non-alpha character. If you don’t remember, you will need your username, and you can reset your password from the login page. You will be sent an email with a generic password to log in to your account and update your password.

Other Enrollment Information –

  • If you’ve been enrolled in years past and are returning – call the Extension Office to reactivate your account. We can reactivate your account and get you set up with a new email/username if needed.
  • If you log in and find you have to enter in all your information – stop! Call the Office, you may have accidentally created a whole new account, and we can help.
  • Forgot to sign up by November 1st? Call your club leader AND the Extension Office.
  • Switching Clubs? Stop! Call the Extension Office; don’t just delete your old club and add a new one.

Pierce County UW-Extension Office – 715-273-6781

How do I join 4-H?

Welcome to the Family! 4-H Welcome Publication

1) First, find a club near you: 4-H Club Map  4-H location map 2020-2021

2) Contact the leader of the club to find out more about when meetings are held and learn a little bit more about 4-H (club leader contact information is on the 4-H Club Map ). Ask if you can attend a meeting and see if the club is a good fit for you and your family. Definitely check a couple out!

3) Sign up for a club and projects. Signing up in projects takes place in the fall each year (usually mid-September through October). In order to be a full member, you must enroll in a club and projects during the fall through wi.4honline.com. If you need help enrolling, please call your club leader or the office (715-273-6781) – we are more than glad to help! 

What is 4-H Online?

4-H Online is your family account; from this single account you can manage all your family member’s projects and contact information (no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords!). When you log in, you will be taken to your family page (“Member List”), where you can go into each of the family members’ profiles (“edit”) and enter in their specific information and sign them up for 4-H projects in the fall. Have new cloverbuds in your 4-H Family? You can can add a new “Youth” member from this same account!

How do I get to 4-H Online?

  • Go to http://wi.4hOnline.com (note there is no “www”). 
  • This will take you to the WISCONSIN state 4-H login page. If you see it says another state, you are on the wrong website.

Enrollment Information - New and Returning Families/Members

  • New families can create their account at wi.4hOnline.com. Scroll down the page, and select “I need to set up a profile”. From there, you choose the county as “Pierce” – do not select any other county since this is asking where your 4-H club is based, not where you live. Type in your email address (this will be your username and family email address, so please use an active email account). Role is “Family” (should already be set as that by default). Click on “Create Login”.
  • New family members can be added to an existing family account by logging in to the family account
  • Returning members can log in to their account from wi.4hOnline.com
    • Forgot your password? Select “I forgot my password” and you can reset it.
  • See the Enrollment Help Guide for New and Returning Families (word document)

Additional 4-H Online Guides

Project Guides

Literature Order Form

This is also the last page of the Project Guide.

Please remember that literature requests are to be turned into your club leader! They will then determine what needs to be ordered and turn that in to the Extension office. If you make a literature selection through 4-H Online in the projects page, print it out and turn it in to your club leader, or use the form that follows to write it in and turn it in to your leader.

Paper Enrollment Forms

If you have absolutely no access to a computer with internet and no email address, then you will want to fill out this form and turn it in to your club leader by the club’s designated due date. Make sure to use the Project Guide (above) when selecting your projects, as you will write down the projects (not just circle them as in years past). Please remember to include any the project numbers in the title.

Paper Enrollment Forms (Fall 2016 Information Coming Soon )

  • New Member Enrollments: PDF
  • New Member Enrollments (Spanish Version) – Inscripción para solicitantes de 4-H de Wisconsin
  • New Leader Enrollments: PDF