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Current Volunteer Opportunities

The types and commitment levels of our volunteers vary but one this is always constant – we need YOU. From short term volunteer to long-term, club level to county to state, we need all hands on deck if we’re going to have a successful 4-H Program here in Pierce County. So bring your talents, your passions and your mission to help youth, and join us on this journey! Below are some of the positions we always have available. 

4-H Group Short-Term4-H Group Long-TermCounty 4-H Short-TermCounty 4-H Long-Term
Activity Leader
Fundraiser Coordinator
Guest Speaker
Event Coordinator
Food Stand Coordinator
General Club Leader
Community Service Club Leader
Club Project Leader
New Family Mentor
Event Organizer
Report Reviewer
Workshop Instructor
Food Stand Committee Member
County Project Committee Member
Ambassador leader
Leaders Council Board Member/Officer

These are just some of the positions you could help with, if you have an idea of how you’d like to help Pierce County 4-H either at the club, project or county level, please reach out to April Daniels at 715-273-6781 or april.daniels@wisc.edu.

Certified Volunteers

Long-term volunteers who take on leadership and custodial care of youth need to be certified 4-H adult volunteers and recognized by the WI 4-H Program. Adult volunteers must complete the following requirements as dictated by the State of Wisconsin in regards to working with UW-Extension youth. For a comprehensive list and access to the trainings, please visit: Training for Volunteers from WI 4-H. Below is a quick summary of what is required.

  • Enroll in 4-H Online – Start Here!
  • Background Check (every 2-4 years)
  • Orientation Process – currently Volunteer in Preparation Training and Risk Management Training
  • Safe Environment Training – currently Building Safe Spaces, Supporting You, Supporting Youth, and Mandated Reporter Trainings
  • Mission & Role Training – currently in development from WI 4-H.

Become a Youth Volunteer

4-H youth are offered different volunteer opportunities throughout the year in their projects and clubs. Some examples of youth volunteer roles include:

  • Serving as a club officer
  • Assisting leaders at events
  • Joining 4-H Ambassadors
  • Planning Project activities with adult volunteer leaders
  • Volunteering at the Pierce County Fair

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