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  • Livestock Judging – Join the Pierce County Teams! Any youth who are in grades three through thirteen who have an interest in animal agriculture and its related industries are encouraged to participate in Livestock Judging. By participating in livestock judging youth will have the opportunity to travel and visit a diversity of beef, swine, lamb and goat farming operations within Pierce County and travel throughout the state to view and judge animals from top producing herds. Youth will meet and interact with the owners and managers of these successful operations, and these contacts can help youth better understand animal agriculture and develop stronger ties with its leaders. From establishing positive relationships with the community to creating lifelong friendships youth will not want to miss out on this fun and interactive judging year. Please check back for more information regarding practice times and schedules.


Pierce County Livestock Committee Website

The main purpose of the Meat Animal project is EDUCATION. The main objective for each exhibitor is to learn about and experience the “real world” of raising and selling an animal. 

To show at the Pierce County Fair, 4-H and FFA members must be enrolled in the beef, sheep, swine, or goat project by November 1 of the previous calendar year. They must have completed a record book for the previous year (except 1st year participants) with financial form for Auction animals.


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