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2019-2020 Meat Animal Rules – 2020 Livestock rules-FINAL

2019-2020 – Rules CHART – Meat Animal Rules Chart 2019


WI State 4-H Project Information Website:



Information is mailed out in the spring of each year to youths that need to attend one MAQA workshop due to their certification being or soon to be expired:

REMEMBER: Take along your Livestock Workshop Training Card to these sessions and get it signed by the local MAQA coordinator to show proof of attendance.


  • This is a newly chartered group, with the purpose to educate youth swine producers through showing and educational clinics.
  • Check out their website: or find them on Facebook.


  • Livestock Judging – Join the Pierce County Teams! Any youth who are in grades three through thirteen who have an interest in animal agriculture and its related industries are encouraged to participate in Livestock Judging. By participating in livestock judging youth will have the opportunity to travel and visit a diversity of beef, swine, lamb and goat farming operations within Pierce County and travel throughout the state to view and judge animals from top producing herds. Youth will meet and interact with the owners and managers of these successful operations, and these contacts can help youth better understand animal agriculture and develop stronger ties with its leaders. From establishing positive relationships with the community to creating lifelong friendships youth will not want to miss out on this fun and interactive judging year. Please check back for more information regarding practice times and schedules.


  • 2019 Meat Animal Project Rules and Financial Form → 2020 Livestock rules-FINAL
  • Meat Animal Chart 2019-20 – Meat Animal Rules Chart 2019
  • 1. The 2019-2020 Livestock General Rules above.Please note the changes on the first page……starting this year ALL participants in any beef, goat, sheep or swine projects will be required to attend a rules meeting, a workshop, the YQCA & turn in a workshop verification form. This includes exhibitors that only show breeding stock animals, not just meat animal exhibitors.       Rules Meetings: At this time, we will be offering FOUR dates. You only need to attend ONE of the four dates….every rules meeting will be the same. This is a great opportunity to ask questions & learn about what kinds of things you can expect from now until the fair.     Workshops: We will offer plenty of different workshops throughout the year for you come too. However, if you have the opportunity to attend a workshop outside of Pierce County that you would like to get ‘workshop credit’ for that may be ok too. We just ask that you let us know by email before you go. It may not be counted otherwise.

         YQCA (Youth for quality care of animals): As always, this can be completed in one of two ways. It can be either be taken in a classroom setting or done online. The first classroom training being offered will be following the first rules meeting on Nov 17th. Please go to to get registered for the classroom training or take the training online at any time.


    2. Important Dates coming up that we know so far….

    November 17th:   Rules Meeting starting at 3pm at the Seyforth Building

     YQCA at 4:30pm at the Seyforth Building – register for this class prior to coming.

    December 7th:   Beef Weigh In 9-11am at the UWRF-Mann Valley Lab Farm

              **** ALL market beef MUST be weigh in on this day to be shown at the fair! Please email us if you have any questions. ****

    January 7th:   Rules Meeting starting at 7pm at the Seyforth Building

    January 29th:   Rules Meeting starting at 7pm at the Seyforth Building

    February 17th:   Rules Meeting starting at 7pm at the Seyforth Building


    3. Communications….

    How do you find out about the workshops? We do our best to list them in the informant & email reminders but they will always be listed on our Facebook page as well. This year we have stepped up our game in hopes of being able to accommodate those that do not use Facebook as well!

         Remind app: We are now set up on the Remind app so we can send blast announcements/reminders out to anyone that wishes to receive them on their phone (either by text or on the app) OR email. You do not need to have the app on your phone to receive the messages. If you are interested & would like to receive reminders this way please go to: to sign up. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

         Website: Soon we will be publishing a new Pierce County Livestock website! This will be a great resource as you will be able to find everything in one spot! All the forms, the rules, important links and more can be found on the site. The website will be ready to publish by Monday, November 11th. Our web address will be:

The main purpose of the Meat Animal project is EDUCATION. The main objective for each exhibitor is to learn about and experience the “real world” of raising and selling an animal. 

To show at the Pierce County Fair, 4-H and FFA members must be enrolled in the beef, sheep, swine, or goat project by November 1 of the previous calendar year. They must have completed a record book for the previous year (except 1st year participants) with financial form for Auction animals.

Read the Rules above for very important information in this project.

PRE FAIR Meat Animal Project Letter  will be available a month before fair-

BLUE WORKSHOP CARDS can be picked up at the UW Extension Office or at the workshops. One can be mailed to you later on if you are enrolled in the project by calling to request one. Otherwise most workshops in Pierce County will have them available.