There are several changes in the program this year, some of which were already in the works, and others of which are necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our normal fall in-person classes can’t happen, but we will still be able to provide the in-depth horticulture training and get participants into the Wisconsin Master Gardener program!!!
Here’s how it works:
First, sign up for training!  Training will be offered during 8 Zoom sessions, supplemented with some recorded videos and other activities.  The Zoom classes begin October 5, and will be on 8 Monday evenings.  There is no “tuition” for the class, as your training is in exchange for your future 24 hours of volunteer service!!
Second, order the training manual.  Once registered, you will be provided with a link to the University of Wisconsin Publications division where you order the manual for $50 plus shipping/handling.  It will be sent directly to your house.
Third, after the training is completed in late November, you’ll register for the statewide “Onboarding” class.  This will start in January, and will be self-paced.  This is a new feature of the state program this year, and will include all the “administrative” components of becoming a Wisconsin Master Gardener volunteer.  The estimate is that it will take you 12-15 hours total, and it will include information on what it means and how to be a University of Wisconsin volunteer, meeting the volunteer requirements, how to record your hours, mandatory child abuse reporter training, a criminal background check, and the final exam.
Finally, after completing the Onboarding class, you’ll be able to contribute to your communities with volunteer service in activities involving gardening and horticulture!   Once you’ve provided 24 hours of service, you will be a certified Wisconsin Master Gardener!!!!!  And then, hopefully you will join your local Master Gardener Association where you will have opportunities to meet other Master Gardeners, listen to speakers, go on tours, tag on to volunteer opportunities, and have a lot of fun!
Click here for registration form. Then complete the registration and send it in via snail, or e-mail to me at as soon as you can.  The Zoom training will be covering 6 counties, and we are limiting the class size so that we are able to accommodate questions, discussions, and get to know each other!
If you have any questions, please let me know at or 715-273-6781.  Otherwise, I look forward to receiving your registration and meeting you—via Zoom—in class!